MASKiT Fashion Mask - Blossoms Navy with Peach & White

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MASKiT is the best value fashion face mask in Australia! Not only are our masks ON TREND but super comfortable too, with adjustable straps to guarantee they stay in place. Being reusable, they are the perfect alternative to disposable masks which end up in landfill.

Each mask includes 3 x PM2.5 mask filters that should be changed each month or after 60 hours of use, whichever is sooner.

Every mask is designed to fit over the nose and under the chin and comes in a resealable zip lock bag for protection against germs and to help keep you safe.


Fabric masks are re-usable. Fabric face masks need to be washed with warm water after every use. Filters within the face mask cannot be washed, these are to be discarded. The filters will need to be replaced prior to wearing the complete face mask again.

Fabric face masks must also be considered in busy settings like when travelling in public transport, shared taxis, Ubers and trains, in workplaces, in grocery stores and other crowded environments.

MASKiT masks are non-medical fashion masks. They are not medical grade and this is indicated on the packaging.

MASKiT masks are machine washable at 60 degrees as recommended by the DHHS guidelines. They can also be washed by hand. The PM 2.5 filters are not washable - these are disposable.

* Note from Kat from Planet Pyjama: Please note these are a fashion mask, and do not feature the metal piece at top of nose. However I personally find these masks super comfortable and easy to wear.