Headu The Human Body under X-Ray (6-10 Years)

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Skeleton, systems, functions and vital organs!

Fit the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together and study the picture you've built to see what an amazing thing the human body is. See in fascinating detail the vital organs, systems, bones and lots more. Then use the magical torch to find the things hidden from the naked eye and complete the "Missions".

Living matter

Learning about the human body; Its functions and vital organs; Apparatus and systems; Observation and scientific method; Attention and concentration

Built around Montessori educational concepts

When kids enjoy an activity, HEADU knows it's got it right! For example, early age learners often experience the world through their hands. Therefore, the more tactile a learning experience, the more fully children will engage. Inspired by this insight, HEADU tests, trials and ultimately integrates Montessori-inspired sensory elements into many of its products.

HEADU also integrates multiple play experiences into its educational kits. Take the popular “Learn to Draw” as an example. This kit includes 10 four-piece puzzles. The illustration on each puzzle teaches a child to draw an animal. An enclosed drawing board and erasable marker then lets them practice drawing each animal. In other words, one compact kit delivers more than 20 learning activities.

Durable, eco-friendly fun

HEADU products are fun, engaging and made with durable, quality materials. They feature original illustrations with an engaging and polished style. They're made in Italy with contributions from forward-thinking authors, designers and illustrators all over the world. Each kit is made from a range of natural materials including cardboard, wood and fabric. The final product is then packed and presented in a durable, colourfully illustrated artboard box (which includes a handy cord handle).